1. Preamble
The present General Terms and Conditions - hereinafter: GTC - apply to the purchase of wine and wine gastronomy products offered by Belvedere-Bor Ltd. - hereinafter: the Service Provider - directly or through the website (https://........) operated by the Service Provider - hereinafter: the Website -, the use of its services, as well as to the purchase of tickets for events organised by the Service Provider and to participation in such events. These GTC contain the general terms and conditions for the purchase of products sold by the Service Provider and for participation in events organised and held by the Service Provider, hereinafter referred to as the "Event", for the participants of the Event, hereinafter referred to as the "Participant", for the ticket purchasers, hereinafter referred to as the "Customer", and for the Events.  
  1. Information about the Service Provider:
The name of the Service Provider is Belvedere-Bor Kft. Registered office and postal address: 8229 Paloznak, Kossuth u. 16. Company registration number: 19-09-519106 Tax number: 25928147-2-19 E-mail address: Website: Bank account number: 17600138-00825212-00200004 Phone number: + 36-20-482-33 42  
  1. Scope of these GTC, general provisions
3.1 These GTC shall enter into force on ... May 2023 and shall apply to orders placed and contracts concluded by the Service Provider on or after the date of entry into force. 3.2 These GTC apply to all contracts for the use of services provided by the Service Provider in person, online or by telephone. 3.3 The personal scope of these GTC applies to the Service Provider, the Customer, the Parties contracting with the Service Provider, the Partner, the Visitor, the Participant of the Event and any unauthorised participant of the Event. 3.4. All contracts concluded by the Service Provider shall be in Hungarian; in the event that the contract is concluded in writing in several languages and there is a discrepancy between the Hungarian and the foreign language, the Hungarian text shall prevail and be applicable. 3.5 The Service Provider may amend these GTC at any time within the legal limits, the amendment shall be effective from the date of its publication on the Service Provider's website (or from the date of entry into force as stated in the amendment) and shall apply to orders placed, services used and contracts concluded after the date of publication. The Service Provider shall not send any separate notification of amendments to the GTC. 3.6.The purchase on the Internet platform operated by the Service Provider is subject to the correct provision of the Customer's data by the Customer and the Customer's acceptance of these GTC. The Service Provider reserves the right to verify the authenticity of the Customer's data (provided at the time of purchase) and to cancel the order if the authenticity of the data is questionable or cannot be interpreted. 3.7 In any case, the Service Provider shall provide the Customer with the opportunity to familiarize himself with and study the contents of these GTC; the Customer shall then conclude the contract with the Service Provider. The burden of proof to the contrary shall lie with the Customer.  
  1. Scope of services and products offered by the Service Provider
4.1 The Service Provider sells wines and wine spirits on the website operated by it. The website may include the name, description and photographic illustration of each product. The image of each product may be different from the actual image and is for illustrative purposes only. The provider is not responsible for any discrepancy between the image on the website and the actual appearance of the product. 4.2. The Service Provider organises events and sells wine and gastronomic products in addition to catering. 4.3 The products of the Service Provider can be ordered in person or online. The prices displayed for the products are in HUF and include the statutory 27% VAT, but do not include any delivery charges or handling costs. 4.4 The venue of the advertised events is the Service Provider's place of business or any other venue advertised by the Partners and accepted by the Service Provider.  
  1. Restrictions on the use of products and/or services offered by the Service Provider
For products containing alcohol, the Service Provider will only fulfil the order in the case of the Customer who is over 18 years of age. The Customer must allow this to be verified in person at the time of the conclusion of the contract, otherwise the Service Provider may refuse to sell. In the case of sales via a website, the Customer must declare his age when accessing the website.  
  1. Registration, processing of personal data
6.1 No registration is required to make a purchase through the website operated by the Service Provider. 6.2 In the event of registration on the Website, the Customer consents to the Service Provider processing, recording, storing, processing, sorting and forwarding to its Partners the personal data that constitute his/her personal data as defined in the Privacy Policy for the purposes specified therein (e.g. sending newsletters). 6.3 The Service Provider shall inform the Customer about the method, scope, conditions of data processing, as well as the method and reasons for the transfer of data in the Data Processing Information published on the Website, which is available at the following site: https://........ 6.4 By registering, the Customer acknowledges having read and accepted the contents of the Privacy Policy. 6.5 The Service Provider shall permanently delete the Customer's data if the Customer decides not to receive further information or wishes to have his/her name and other personal data removed from the Service Provider's list.  
  1. Conditions for participation in events organised by the Service Provider
7.1 Entry to and participation in the event is possible with a purchased ticket or confirmation entitling to entry. 7.2 The Participant of the Event is entitled to make audio and/or video recordings at the Events only with the prior consent of the Service Provider. The Event Participant may not sell or use the image and/or sound recordings made by him/her for consideration or for commercial purposes without consideration. 7.2 By purchasing a ticket, the Participants of the Event agree that the Service Provider - or other Participants with the Service Provider's permission - may make audio and/or video recordings of them. 7.3. The person making the audio and/or video recording at the Event shall not name the Participants in the recording, nor shall he/she violate their personal rights. The Service Provider expressly excludes its liability in the event that a Participant in the Event breaches its obligations under this clause. 7.4. No economic, commercial, political or advertising activities of any kind are permitted in the Event area without the prior written consent of the Service Provider. 7.5 The Service Provider shall not be liable for any damage caused to any Participant of the Event or any third party by any unlawful act or omission of any Participant of the Event.  
  1. Price list
8.1 The price of the products and services offered by the Service Provider is the gross price indicated on the Website at any given time. 8.2 Handling and other fees and charges, if any, will be displayed on the Website; by placing an order, the Customer expressly accepts these fees and charges. 8.3 The prices and fees of the products and events on the Service Provider's Website may change from time to time due to the nature of the Service Provider's service. The Service Provider specifically endeavours to display up-to-date content and prices at all times, but reserves the right to change prices. 8.4 If the price of a product or service has been incorrectly indicated (e.g.: price of HUF 0; or price reduced by a discount, but incorrectly indicating the amount of the discount), the Service Provider shall provide the opportunity to order or purchase the product or service at the real price, in the possession of which information the Customer may choose between ordering the product or service or cancelling the order without any adverse legal consequences.  
  1. Ordering from the website
9.1 By submitting an online order, the Customer consents to the registration and processing of his/her data by the Service Provider in accordance with the Data Protection Regulations as set out in the Privacy Policy. 9.2 The Service Provider shall confirm the order placed by the Customer immediately upon receipt, but no later than within 48 hours, by e-mail sent to the e-mail address provided by the Customer. After the expiry of this time limit without result, the Customer shall be released from the obligation to make an offer. 9.3 The Customer may settle the price of the ordered product with the help of the Contractual partner offered by the Service Provider, who has a contractual relationship with the Customer, as an online payment service provider, using a credit card. The Service Provider excludes any liability for any damage resulting from the error or malfunction of the online payment platform operated by the Contractual partner. 9.4. The Customer shall check the ordered products and services before finalizing and submitting the order. The Service Provider shall fulfil and not accept any claims for failure to check the order after the order has been placed. 9.5 The Customer will be informed of the expected time of delivery of the ordered product after placing the order. 9.6 After receipt of the ordered product, the Supplier is not in a position to accept any complaints.  
  1. Conditions for cancellation of the order, withdrawal
10.1 The Customer has the right to cancel the order or reservation. If the cancellation is made within 48 hours before the expected delivery date, the amount of the reservation fee will be returned to the Customer. If the reservation is cancelled within 48 hours before the booked date, the Service Provider shall be entitled to retain the amount of the reservation fee as a penalty for non-payment. 10.2 The Customer may cancel the order within 24 hours of placing the order without giving any reason. The Customer may exercise his right of withdrawal from the day on which the purchase is completed. The Customer shall not be entitled to this right of withdrawal if he has personally purchased and taken delivery of the product. 10.3 The Customer shall send the withdrawal notice to the Service Provider by sending it to the e-mail address indicated in the "Service Provider's details" section. 10.4 If the Customer fails to pay the purchase price of the ordered product or the service fee at the time of ordering, or if the Customer cannot be reached at the contact details provided by him, or if he places orders or reservations incorrectly on several (at least two) occasions, causing damage to the Service Provider, the Service Provider is entitled to cancel the Customer's registration, or to refuse to fulfil the order or reservation, and to claim the damage caused against the Customer.  
  1. Payment methods
11.1 Payment of the price of the products and services ordered through the Website, which is due upon finalisation of the purchase, is made using the Barion system. Credit card details are not transmitted to the merchant. The service provider Barion Payment Zrt. is an institution supervised by the National Bank of Hungary, licence number H-EN-I-1064/2013. 11.2 The price of the product or the service fee shall be charged by the financial service provider contracted with the Service Provider to the bank card account provided by the Customer. 11.3 In the case of an Event, the Service Provider can only allow the purchase of tickets in person at the Event venue subject to the capacity of the Event venue. 11.4 If the Customer chooses the option of "payment on personal receipt" when finalizing the order, he/she shall pay the price of the product or service fee in cash at the Service Provider's premises/point of receipt. Cash payment is possible only in Hungarian Forint (HUF).  
  1. Issue of invoice
The Service Provider issues an electronic invoice (e-invoice) for the purchase and related services. The e-invoice shall be sent by the Service Provider by e-mail to the e-mail address provided by the Customer. The Customer acknowledges that the invoice for his purchases will be sent only electronically and that the invoice data cannot be changed afterwards. The e-invoice is a pdf document that complies with the provisions of Act CXXVII of 2007 (VAT Act) and Act XXXV of 2001 on electronic signatures. The e-invoice can be viewed and printed using pdf document reader software.  
  1. Limitation of the Service Provider's liability
The Service Provider shall not be liable for any damage to the Customer or third parties resulting from loss of data, data corruption, manipulation of data, unauthorised access by third parties by electronic or physical means, as well as for any indirect, consequential damage and loss of profit.  
  1. Copyright, trade secrets
14.1 All content on the Website operated by the Service Provider is the intellectual property of Belvedere-Bor Kft. The Provider reserves all rights to copy and distribute any part of the Site by any method or technique. 14.2 The parties may use the information obtained in the course of their contractual relationship solely for the performance of the relationship and are obliged to take all reasonable measures to prevent the unauthorized storage, use and transmission of the information. The Service Provider may, with the consent of the Customer, transfer the data that constitute personal data to the Partners in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Policy. The Contracting Parties shall treat as confidential any non-public information concerning their relationship with each other and the Customer of which they become aware in the course of the business relationship.  
  1. Advertising data protection consent
By registering and accepting the GTC, the Customer consents to the Service Provider, as the developer and operator of the website, to contacting the recipient of the information that is considered advertising by means of direct contact, in particular by electronic mail or other equivalent means of individual communication.  
  1. Complaints, Complaint handling
16.1 If the Customer has a complaint about a product or service provided by the Service Provider, he/she may communicate his/her complaint to the Service Provider by telephone, e-mail, letter or orally at the Service Provider's premises. 16.2 If the Customer is a consumer under Act CLV of 1997, the Customer may also lodge a complaint with the consumer protection authority. The consumer protection authority is designated by Government Decree 387/2016 (XII. 2.). 16.3 In the event of a complaint, the Customer also has the possibility to contact a conciliation body, the contact details of which can be found here:ületek   16.4 The Service Provider shall investigate and, if necessary, remedy any oral complaint without delay. If the Customer does not agree with the handling of the complaint or if it is not possible to investigate the complaint immediately, the Service Provider shall immediately take a record of the complaint and its position on the complaint and shall provide a copy of the record to the consumer in the case of a personally communicated oral complaint.  
  1. For issues not regulated in these GTC, the provisions of the individual contract concluded with the Service Provider and the applicable Hungarian legislation in force shall prevail and apply
  2. Concepts
Parties: the Service Provider and the Customer collectively Customer: a person who uses the services of the Service Provider, who purchases products from the Service Provider's premises, from its website. Service Provider: a company as defined in clause 2 of these GTC. Event: any event organised and hosted by the Service Provider. Product: any item that may be purchased from the Service Provider or other Contractual Partner and in the context of Events. Service: any service that the Service Provider or its contractual partners make available at the Event, whether free of charge or for consideration. Customer: the person who purchases the Product from the Service Provider. Visitor: a natural person who attends an Event as a person entitled to access. Attendee: means any natural person attending any Event organised by the Service Provider, regardless of the title or lack thereof of attendance at the Event. Partner: a company or other legal entity that carries out an independent activity on the basis of a contractual relationship with the service provider at a given Event or in the reseller circuit, but is not considered an Intermediary.